Winery Visits

A “Visit to the Winery” article includes the report of israelwinetaster’s trip to an individual winery. In it we report a short history of the winery, pictures of the visit, and describe some of wines we tasted. Click on the name of the winery to read the post about it.

Here is a list of them, with links to the articles:

1. A Visit to Dalton Winery

2. A Visit to Odem Mountain Winery

3. A Visit to the Carmel Winery

4. Visit to Castel Winery in the Judean Hills

5. Rimon Winery in the Upper Galilee

6. Adir Winery (introduction to winery)

7. Visit to Tabor (also called Tavor) Winery

8. Visit to Lagziel Winery

9. Visit to the Recanati Winery

10. Visit to the Lueria Winery and a separate article about Harvesting at Leuria Winery

11. Visit to Rubin Winery at the home of Ronen Rubin

12. Visit to Pelter Winery

13. Visit to Or Haganuz Winery


5 thoughts on “Winery Visits

  1. Is it possible to visit some of the wineries? We are in the Golan now and would like to visit tomorrow, if possible(13.8.13).

    Thank you.
    Linda Kane

  2. Yes, all the wineries on the Golan invite visitors. The largest and most organized is Golan Heights Winery in Katzerin. Just look at Yosi’s Wine Map and you’ll get the telephone numbers to ask about visiting hours. Generaly, they are open from 10 AM till 5 PM, give or take. No reservations needed. Enjoy your visits.

  3. Here’s the link to the map which can also be accessed by clicking Wineries of Israel Mapat the top of each page.

    Let us know how your visits went.

  4. Hi, can you recommend a (boutique) winery in the Golan who are open on Shabbat? Many thanks! Hanna from Holland

  5. Obviously, the wineries that produce kosher wines are all closed on Shabat. That being said, yes, there are a number of various sized non-kosher wineries on the Golan Heights that are open on Shabat. Two that are known as having good wines, though a bit pricey, are Pelter Winery and you can read about our visit there, and Chateau Golan which has a very good reputation, but I have not yet visited. There are others scattered about the area, for instance, three of them at Moshav Ramot Naftali. I suggest you use the Wineries Map for exact locations and contact information. It is suggested that you call them beforehand, as being “boutique” and small, they may not be open on any one day. You’ll have to do a little research which can start with the map at,34.953003&spn=2.831641,4.938354

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