Wine Tasting Series

This is a list of the individual wines we have tasted, each with a meal, usually at home, but also as guests. It does not include any comments made about wines at organized tasting where multiple wines are served. I have found that when I drink one wine, I can better focus on its characteristics, and thus, better asses its quality. I have started to spit out the wines when I am in a situation where multiple wines are served and I have noticed that I cannot fully appreciate the various aspects of a wine without drinking. it. Perhaps, I should change the name of this series to Wine Drinking Series, but in keeping with our name, israelwinetaster, and with the image of what a wine tasting is all about, I’ll keep the name unchanged.

Here is the list, with links to each wine. It is in chronological order, starting with the earliest tasting and ending with the latest (I think that this type of ordering is less useful to the reader and will be working on changing it to an alphabetical order based on the name of the winery):

1. Adir Plato 2005 and Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

2. Adir Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

3. Galil Mountain Winery Yiron 2007

4. Yarden Syrah 2007

5. Galil Mountain Winery Yiron 2006

6. Gamla Nebbiolo 2008

7. Yarden 2T

8. Yarden Merlot 2006

9. Gamla Syrah 2009

10. Adir Chardonnay 2010

11. Yarden Syrah Avital Slope 2007

12. Yarden Merlot 2007

13. Galil Mountain Barbera 2008

14. Recanati Special Reserve 2007

15. Dalton Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

16. Cabernet Sauvignon from Carmel Kayoumi Vineyard 2008 and Yarden Yonaton Vineyard 2007

17. Carmel Appellation Series Carignan and  Petit Sirah 2008

18. Adir Shiraz 2008

19. Gamla Sangiovese 2008

20. Gamla Sangiovese 2007

21. Tabor Adama II 2008 – Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Syrah, Cabernet Frank & Merlot blend

22. Tabor Adama II 2008 – Syrah Varietal

23. Dalton  Alma 2007

24. Adir Winery’s New Blend Called “a”

25. Petit Castel  2009

26. Shiraz 2008 from Miles Winery

27. T2 from Yarden Winery

28. Pelter Cabernet Sugvignon 2007

29. Odem Mountain Chardonnay

30. Galil Mountain Galil Series –Sauvignon Blanc  –Alon  –Pinot Noir

31. Odem Mountain Syrah Reserve

32. Wild Carignan from Recanati Winery

33. Rosé from Castel Winery

34. Rosé from Recanati Winery

35. Rose from Galil Mountain Winery


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