Western Galilee Omelet

photo 1-2


If the Middle Eastern Diet is healthy, then this omelet, created in the Middle East is the star of the show. It is made with five egg whites and no egg yolks, making it a zero cholesterol omelet, something almost unknown in the history of the culinary arts. And believe me, when you dive into this one, you won’t even miss the yolks.

 So what makes a Western Omelet into a Western Galilee Omelet? Well first of all, even though we have moved our home base from Moshav Evan Menachem to be in the seaside resort town of Naharia, we still live in the area of Israel called The Western Galilee. But, being a take-off of the Western Omelet, made with mushrooms and sweet red peppers, it becomes the W.G.O. Another affinity between this omelet and Israel is the moshav-grown hot pepper (wasn’t hot enough for my taste, so I should have put in two of these small hot peppers), and the slathering of the finished omelet with tahina, a local favorite, which we have used in omelets before. Tahina is made from sesame seeds. It is a paste, similar to peanut butter, but more liquidy. You can make it yourself, or buy it, but in the USofA, ask for tahini or sesame paste.

photo 2-1


Here is a picture of the W.G.O. after it was dressed with tahina.

You can, as in previous omelets, slather the tahina on the contents before closing the other half of the omelet over the first, thereby enclosing the tahina into the omelet.

So, enjoy the creating and the creation. Bon Appetit. B’Tayavon.


2 thoughts on “Western Galilee Omelet

  1. Hi Danny,

    i don’t want to tell you what that bottom photo reminds me of.

    Top photo OK. Bottom photo, no no.


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