Shades of the APB Omelet or APB Revisited/Revised

Almost one year ago we joked about APB meaning “All Points Bulletin” and about the “Most Wanted List” (of course most wanted omelet). Well we now go from joking around to being a bit nutty. Today we add Walnuts to the Apples and Peanut Butter as ingredients of this omelet. And, in my opinion, this addition is just what the omelet needed to take another step towards gastronomic perfection.

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First, prepare the ingredients by peeling and then cracking the nuts. Then by cutting the apples into small chunks. Have the peanut butter ready to be added. Warm up the frying pan with a low flame while the hot peppers (if you want, as I do, a bit of a spicy zing to the taste) are being chopped. Pour a tablespoonful or so of olive oil into the frying pan, turn the flame up to medium, and when the oil is hot, but before it is smoking, add the peppers. Lots of beating the eggs with the wire whisk means lots of air in the egg and a lighter, fluffier omelet. Pour the egg into the frying pan and “count to 10” to allow the edges of the egg to harden. Then lift an edge and tilt the pan to let the liquid egg run under the firmed edge. You may have to do this again on the other side if there’s still a lot of runny egg. Then start to spread the ingredients on one half of the egg, starting with walnuts, then apple chunks, and finally dribble some peanut butter. Without waiting further, flip the empty half of the egg over the full half. After a few more seconds of cooking, turn off the flame and serve. Let me tell you from personal experience, it is deeeeeeeelicious. B’Tayavon — Bon Apetit.


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