Odds and Ends Omelet

This might also be called Only For The Brave Of Heart Omelet, or perhaps even better, the Only For The Strong Of Stomach Omelet. As the growing season slowly winds down, the days grow shorter, the leaves turn yellow, brown and fall to the ground, and the temperatures evolve from the summer highs to the winter lows. The remaining  fruit on the fig tree and grape vine undergo their own changes.  Both become drier with more concentrated sugars and attract birds and bees. Their taste changes, the grapes even resembling raisins. Here’s a picture taken upstairs as they are growing from the pergola and before we cut them down. And I found some walnuts on the ground under the tree which looked horrible on the outside, but when cracked  open revealed nice clean nuts. The cheese that had  been stored in the refrigerator had a covering of patches of fungal growth which had to be cut away. Here you see the cheese odds and ends before the peeling procedure. Underneath they revealed clean surfaces and a nice pleasant taste. The peelings were a bit raunchy so I was glad I didn’t include them in the omelet. The “grapes”, cum raisins, also needed some cleansing and sorting work to get them to where they could be called edible. Here’s two pictures depicting their transformation (from left to right)….

Single stem of “grapes”, and raisins on the right.

First stage, mass of “grapes”.

Here they are, as picked. Then separated, and finally, raisins.

And what about the figs, you ask? Well, despite their having been picked at and pecked on, we just took what the bees and birds left behind and cut them up into small pieces to be added to the omelet ingredients:

Figs, as picked from tree.


And as for the nuts, despite their looking somewhat blackened on the outside of the shells, they looked and tasted fine when cracked and removed for being added to the omelet.


But let us not forget the first ingredient, the peppers…..

……nor the most important part of every omelet, the eggs, which in this instance are not odds and not ends. They are the freshest and biggest of what we are now “producing” here at Moshav Evan Menachem.

So here we have all the ingredients together including, figs left behind after “harvest” by the birds and bees, blackened almonds picked up from the ground, grapes left on the vine to be transformed naturally into raisins, and odds and ends of cheeses cleaned from their covering growth:

As far as instructions, follow the usual sequence that we have used since we started writing about our unique omelets over one year ago. Beat the eggs well while the olive oil is heating in the frying pan. Put cut up pieces of the red peppers into the hot oil and beat the eggs some more before pouring into the pan. Let them set enough so that the edges can be lifted and the pan tilted so that the runny egg can flow under the set egg. sprinkle the ingredients (walnuts, raisins, figs, and cheese) on half of the egg. Flip the other half of the egg over the ingredients and wait a few minutes until the egg finishes cooking and the cheese melts. Transfer to a warm plate and voila, enjoy eating your “Odds & Ends Omelet.” Bon Apetit — B’Tayavon.


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