Tasting Adir Winery’s Shiraz 2010

This is a great wine! How’s that for a start? I really let the cat out of the bag and got to the punch line before even telling the joke! But what can the likes of little old me say about the wine that won first prize in the Shiraz category at the recent “Eshkol HaZahav 2012” Israeli wine competition put on by Sommelier.co.il. They call this event the Oscars of Israeli Wines Even considering that some wineries may not have entered at all or not entered their best Shiraz varietals, this is a feather in the cap of Adir Winery. I say, all the more power to them. The naysayers may try to put this award down for this reason or that reason, but let’s call a gold medal a gold medal. And Adir’s Shiraz 2010 won it.

We tasted a bottle at home and we agree with the Sommelier judges. The wine has an big nose with complex, earthly aromas wafting up from the wine glass. It reminded us of a spice mixture with some cardamon in it. There was also some cherries and chocolate with cinnamon and a hint of the honeysuckle that grows around our house. The tastes (emphasis on the pleural) include peppery prunes and rasberries and a little tobacco. Nurit exclaimed that the taste is “really good” and commented that the wine is full of character. It is, in her terms, “A Hell of a Wine!” It is full in the mouth with integrated tannins and has an extra long finish.

The wine resided in oak casks for 12 months before being bottled. It is considered to be a “high alcohol wine” as its alcohol content is 15%. This effects neither its aroma nor its taste, both of which shine through gloriously, and are not overwhelmed by the alcohol.

According to our modified israelwinetaster grading system, we give it an A with ** as it’s price at the winery is 89 shekels (equivalent to just under $23 at the present rate of exchange). At least that was the price before the prize!


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