The APB Omelet

No, you’re wrong! It’s not an All Points Bulletin Omelet, although it was sooooo good that I wouldn’t blame anyone for putting an all points bulletin out on it — “Wanted: a sweet, fruity and nutty omelet to titillate the senses and tantalize the taste buds.” And here you can see the apricot tree from whence cometh the fruit. It is approximately 10 years old and huge, but heretofore had given us a maximum of four apricots each year. I had wanted to chop it down, but Nurit, seen in the picture below, convinced me, the “woodsman,” to “spare the ax.”

After all, it has provided us with wonderful shade every summer. And now, all of a sudden, this year it is producing a bountiful harvest. I NEVER would have guessed it.

Prunus armeniaca, the scientific name for the apricot, has been around a long time, although their true origin is unknown. It is said to have been cultivated in prehistoric times and apricot seeds dating to the Bronze Age, some 7,000 years ago, were found in an archeological excavation in Armenia. This area was, perhaps, where this delicious fruit started its long sojourn to our omelet. Interestingly, the kernel, or what I have always known as the “pit,” is said to be sweet and may be used as a substitute for almonds. And would you believe that the wonderful, sweet, alcoholic drink, Amaretto, which is widely known as almond liqueur, is flavored with an extract of apricot kernels rather than almonds? But don’t eat too many of these as they contain between 2.05% and 2.40% cyanide. Perhaps we’ll try a few of these kernels, chopped and added to the omelet to add the requisite crunchiness that was lacking.

The omelet was made in the usual manner, layering the cut up pieces of apricot on one half the frying egg followed by a few dribbles of peanut butter before flipping the other half of the egg over the contents. Voila, our APB omelet — Bon Apetit (B’Tayavon).


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