Tasting Recanati’s Rosé

Recanati Winery produces their Rosé wine from Barbera and Merlot grapes grown at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level in a single vineyard at Manara in the Upper Galilee. The grapes were handpicked and crushed immediately upon arrival at the winery. The must was rapidly chilled and transferred to tanks to macerate with the skins for 48 hours, after which it was gently pressed. The wine then underwent a slow and controlled cold fermentation. This process is excellently described in an article entitled, “Fermentation Hot, Warm and Cool?”


This Recanati Rosé wine has a deep color, between pink and red as you can see above in the bottle on the left and in the glass on the right. We detected an aroma of irises and tulips. It was light in the mouth with a taste of strawberries and cantaloupe. Nurit said, “It distinctly tastes like an eclair.” Served chilled straight from the refrigerator, it had no bite or astringency and had a long smooth slightly puckery finish.

The wine costs 66 shekels at the winery (about $17 at the current exchange rate) and though it was a pleasure to drink this wine, I think that it might be considered a bit overpriced. I therefore will give it an israelwinetaster grade of C+.

Israelwinetaster Grading System

Notable is that we only drank half the bottle and even though we pumped the air from it and stored it in the refrigerator, when we returned two days later, it was flat and nearly tasteless. However, at the same meal, we also finished a bottle of the Rosé from Castle Winery that we wrote about a short while ago. This Castle Rosé had been opened three days ago, vacuum pumped, and stored in the refrigerator and it was outstanding — nearly as good as when we first opened it and gave it an A+ grade! But it costs 50% more than the Recanati Rosé, so you will have to decide if the extra quality is worth the price. We’ll have to continue our search for the Rosé that gets the high grade of A, and does not have the high price tag.

Until then, L’Chaim


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