Tasting the Sauvignon Blanc from Galil Mountain Winery

This is a wonderful very young white wine from the 2011 vintage and part of the winery’s new series they call Galil. We will be tasting the others in the coming days and will report our opinions as we open them.  This is their one white wine of this series, which also includes a Pinot Noir and a blend of four different grape varieties that they call Alon. They say another will be coming out in June 2012 but are very secretive about what it is.

A varietal Sauvignon Blanc, this dry white wine exudes with aromas of sweet smelling flowers bursting in the fields of spring. It has, according to Nurit, a “beautiful bouquet.” In the mouth is is full, rich, and smooth. It abounds with a taste of a sweet and rich butter, reminding one also of fresh picked, sweet melon with a hint of honey. Nurit also commented on its long and lovely finish.

We give it an Israelwinetaster Grade of “A+,” and do not hesitate to recommend it as your preferred white wine for this spring season. It nicely complements our vegetarian meals and also would go extremely will with fish or with a variety of cheeses. It is reasonably priced at 55 shekels at the winery ( about $15 at the present rate of exchange).

Here’s the key to our grading system. Note that we add a plus or a minus for when we consider the wine to be exceptional for that grade or just barely makes the grade.

Israelwinetaster Grading System


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