Tasting Chardonnay from Odem Mountain Winery

This Chardonnay varietal from the 2010 vintage of the Volcanic Series at Odem Mountain Winery is an outstanding wine. It is aged five months in French oak casks with use of the “sur lie” technique in which the wine is fermented on what is called its lees. This material is the sediment that settles to the bottom of a container and consists of seeds, pulp, stem, and skin fragments from the grapes and dead yeast cells. This contact promotes the second softening malolactic fermentation, adding complexity to the wine’s flavor. It also enhances the structure and texture, or feel of a wine in the mouth, since the polysaccharides released from the dead yeast cells can significantly reduce astringency and increase body. This special processing, also used to make the Castel Winery Chardonnay is reflected in its depth of aroma, body, and finish. All of these aspects are of high quality and enhance the experience of tasting this wonderful wine.The aroma reminded me of fresh mowed hay or of a forest after a summer rain. The tastes burst in the mouth producing sensation of lavender, mixed berries, vanilla, and oak. The finish was long and pleasant.

Naftali Admoni and I drank it cooled from the refrigerator with a delicious Michal Admoni creation, Yemenite soup. This is typically served with fenugreek based hilba mixed in giving it an exquisite taste. The wine was the perfect accompaniment for this light warm weather lunch. It is sold at the winery for 80 shekels (a bit over $21 at the present ex change rate) and if one purchases a case, the price is reduced 20% 64 shekels or $17). It really does deserve an Israelwinetaster Grade of A+ and at the nearest oppurtunity, I will purchase more.

Here’s the Israelwinetaster Grading System for your reference. How would you grade this wine? Let us know. L’Chaim

Israelwinetaster Grading System


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