Tasting Pelter Winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon vintage 2007

This winery, acclaimed by many, is tucked into the north of the Golan Heights at its far eastern edge on the border with Syria. They produce wines in an unassuming location, on Kibbutz Ein Zivan in a “hanger” without any of fancy frills that you might find in other “name” wineries. Their “visitor center” is a high “table” with bar chairs set up between the stainless steel tank room and their bottle storage area. They produce a number of wines, respected amongst wine connoisseurs, however, generally at higher cost ranges than you’ll find at their peers.

We tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon from vintage 20007 and found it very pleasing. It has gentle aromas of fruit and honeysuckles, which do not jump out of the glass, but gently caress the nose. In the mouth, it imparts a rich and smoky taste with a hint of cherries. The tannins are plentiful, but not overwhelming and it has a medium to big body with a long finish.

I would give it a “B-” in the Israelwinetaster Grading System, with the minus amended to the grade, as its cost is out of proportion to its quality. The price at the winery was 140 shekels (about $38 at the present rate of exchange). But hey, look at the prices of a couple of their other wines such as, Cabernet Franc for 160 shekels and Petit Verdot for 160 shekels.


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