The APB Omelet

An APB (“All Points Bulletin”) was put out on this one. Just kidding. This omelet is really an APB (Apple & Peanut Butter) and it is has made the 10 Most Wanted List of omelets. Even though you may say it’s just another “Peanut Butter & Jelly” omelet, most, given half the chance, would want to order it. The way you make it is the same as all the other omelets we have invented. The hot pepper really livens this one up. Let the cup up pieces of a jalepeno pepper sizzle a bit in the olive oil on the hot frying pan and then pour in the whipped up egg. Lift the edge to let the extra egg run underneath and get cooked. After the egg “sets” and is no longer runny, spread small cubes of any variety apple (we used Pink Lady) around one half the circle of egg. Dribble some peanut butter on, between, and around the apple. Flip the empty half-moon egg over the contents and wait a minute or two more. Eat It 🙂

Incidentally, when I was cooking this omelet, I saw a flowerlet of broccoli on the stove. It had “junped” out when I served the steamed broccoli for supper last night. It was a messge! Make a broccoli and cheese omelet. But all the contents were already prepared for this one, so look out for the “BC Omelet” next time.

B’Tayavon — Bon Apetit


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