Results of the Blind Tasting Revealed

The time has come for the unmasking of the blind tasting of the two single vineyard wines from Carmel Kayoumi and Yarden Yonatan.

Here’s the description of the left wine, which 75% (79% if you include the blinded tasters themselves) of you thought was the Yarden Yonatan:

Deep purple color and had a complexity of aromas of wood and rich berries, raising memories of a dark forest. In the mouth it imparted a fullness of body as a thick milkshake might feel. Despite its high tannin level which portended an improving future when stored in the bottle additional years, it was gentle and balanced. In addition to the dark berry taste, there were hints of oak and chocolate. All of us agreed that its finish was a pleasure to focus on as the tastes lingered, titillating the tongue and cheeks. It well deserves an “A” rating on the israelwinetaster wine grading system and might be given a 91 by those subscribing to the more popular, and what has become traditional, Parker grading system.

And here’s the description of the right wine:

Almost identical deep purple color with complex aromas, but seemed to be a bit more sharp. It was more fruity and by itself, might be described as a fullness of body, but, in comparison to the other wine, imparted a greater degree of thinness. Its flavors were more reminiscent of bananas, mushrooms and cherries and it had a shorter finish than its “competition” which could be described as medium in length. We thought that it could be graded as an israelwinetaster “B+” or given a score of 89.

Here’s the bottles revealed:

In fact, the left wine was what the overwhelming majority surmised. Congrats to all of you who thought the left wine was the Yarden single vineyard Yonatan from Golan Heights Winery. Thank you for your participation.


2 thoughts on “Results of the Blind Tasting Revealed

  1. I wonder what the results would have been if you used the 2007 vintage of Carmel Kayoumi…

  2. Good question. Indeed, these two wines from amongst the best of both wineries were very close in character and quality. And as an afterthought, it would have been the 2007 vintage of the Kayoumi Vineyard had the bottle that I purchased from a local store not been breached with air, resulting in a vinegary tasting wine. The Carmel Winery was kind enough to bring me a replacement, but the 2007 was no longer available, so they gave me a bottle from the 2008 vintage. Thus the story of this blind tasting.

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