The SCAM Omelet – #18

You might think that following Thanksgiving that a Stuffing Omelet would be the subject of this piece. Or perhaps, we would be talking about a Cranberry Omelet. And as long as you’ve brought these up, I did freeze some of the gluten-free stuffing that I made and am saving it for a future omelet. The home-made cranberry sauce will be great next week, but we have the contents of this week’s omelet that are nearing the stage when they are no longer edible and will very soon become fodder for the compost pile, so Scallions, Cheese, And Mushrooms are the components of the contents of this week’s omelet.

First few short notes about the preparation. The scallions and mushrooms were first sliced and fried in olive oil and set aside before being “inserted” into the omelet. As usual one omelet also had a small hot pepper fried with the other contents and the second omelet was made not hot & spicy. It can be done either way, according to your taste.

A picture being worth a thousand words and a video worth a million, we have long wanted to embed a video clip to show you how we make the omelet. And you can see below that we actually did it! We attempted and seem to have succeeded in making a video of the preparation of the omelet, even though for the first time since I can remember, the egg stuck to the pan when I tried to fold it over and then it stuck again when I flipped it to the other side. Wouldn’t you know it? I think that it stuck to the pan just because it was being videoed. I should have called it the Camera Shy Omelet. With no prior experience at this whole process, it was iimported to the computer and embedded into this article. With no rehearsal and no script, this seven minute video took seven minutes to take and three hours to convert and compress the file to the form acceptable to YouTube.

Without further adieu, we here present, from Studios, written, produced and acted by Dan Kovnat and directed and photographed by Nurit Kovnat, the SCAM Omelet Video. Maestro, roll the cameras!


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