The ALP Omelet – #17

You might think that this fruity, nutty, herby omelet is totally weird. I did when I first invented it and it was merely in its forme fruste stage as an ephemeral, prescient thought in my brain. It is a return to the creamy, crunchy, tasty “omelet of old” with small Apple chunks, fresh, chopped Lavender, and creamy Peanut butter contained within the egg envelope. Thus the name A-L-P. It is NOTHING like the previous Leftover Omelet #15. It is alive! It bursts with energy! It says, “Take me into your mouth and savor my multiple intermingling flavors.”

Incidentally, like a fine wine, these flavors persist and are sensed long after the swallowing. It has, also like wine, aromas that waft into the room, and a colorful beauty to behold with brown interlaced between and connecting greens and whites. These are hidden within and only discovered upon cutting it open. The tastes of lavender and peanut alternately jump out at you as titillating, tantalizing bursts of gustatory stimulation. This is the second time I have used lavender in an omelet and I suspect it’s not the last.

My mistake with this A-L-P Omelet was that I predicted that the flavors of the apple, lavender, and peanut butter (especially the last two), would be overwhelmed by an additional hot spicy taste. So I didn’t us the hot pepper from the garden this time. How wrong I was. It really could have used that additional, occasional prickling of the tongue and lips to even out the battle between the herb and the nut flavors. It would have been the bridge, acting to bind the two together instead of their battling for dominance. So be it. Live and learn by experience.

I think that I will never go back to the Leftover Omelet despite my admiration for the recipes of Martha Rose Shulman. She’s a heck of a cook but after all, nobody’s perfect.

The above and everything written in israelwinetaster is the personal opinion of the author. You may very well disagree with what you read. I firmly believe that taste is in the tongue (and naturally, nose) of the sensor. But I urge you to have an open mind and not to condemn these offerings out of hand. Try making a few and put them in to your mouth. Then, and only then, form your opinion.

Bon Appetit


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