The Leftover Omelet # 16

Martha Rose Shulman’s web site and cookbooks have been mentioned before and I remembered her writing about using anything as the filling for your omelets. Today, with nothing fresh available and only a modicum left over from the wonderful sauce that we had made for our pasta, I decided that this was the time to take the plunge, desert the fruit, cheese, nuts, and other fillings I have used in the past and recycle that spaghetti sauce. I considered supplementing it with fresh slices of onion or chopped oregano, rosemary, basil, or some other herb from the garden. But all those herbs were already in the sauce. So I filled the omelet with the unexpurgated sauce. This is what it looked like:

How did it taste, you ask? Well, it was an omelet of a very different nature. I think that it is most appropriate for a luncheon or dinner omele, however, for breakfast. which is when I cook my omelets, I still like the fruity and nutty morning omelets. They are more fresh and alive, bursting with flavors. the previously cooked, left-over tomato and eggplant pasta sauce omelet was flat compared to the others. I think that I will stick to my previous basis of omelet cooking which look something like this:

Let’s have a vote. Which one of the two pictures above do you think is the prettier?


The voting results are in! The colorful fruit (pomegranates and figs) omelet won hands down. It wasn’t even close. And I add that appearance IS an important part of the eating experience.


One thought on “The Leftover Omelet # 16

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