A New Wine Tasting Experience – Breathing In Your Wine

I have to tell you about our wine tasting of last night with dinner. Incidentally, this post is not about tasting a new wine, wine storage, or anything even vaguely similar to previous posts. But the experience was so unique and intense that I thought it deserved being reported to you. We were drinking a Golan Heights Winery Yarden Syrah from 2007 for the second evening in a row. The two of us drink a glass or two with dinner and that only drains half the bottle the first day. We use a rubber stopper with a flap valve which allows us to attach the pump to evacuate most of the air from the space above the wine. This preserves the wine’s quality for drinking the next day. It is then placed on the kitchen shelf. Before drinking the second glass on this, the second day, I raised the glass to allow me to breath in the aromas of the wine. I took a deep breath followed by a slight pause before another deep breath, enjoying the intense Syrah aroma of peppery, smoked, earthy, berries. It was really a fantastic feeling, but I didn’t stop there. I took eight more breaths of this wonderful wine, breathing in throught my nose and out through my mouth. At the end, I felt like I was floating on a cloud, swinging on a rope suspended from nowhere up in the sky. I immediately came back to earth though continuing to feel the aroma of the wine throughout my being.

Was it the deep breathing exercises? Was it the food and the company of my dear wife, Nurit? Or was it the wine? I’ll have to dry it again with a different wine at a different time. Maybe this will be a new part of the israelwinetasting experience. Try it and perhaps, you’ll like it.


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