The A & C with P Omelet of the Week #13

This omelet is dedicated to my dear friend, Claude Young, who passed on to a better world yesterday. He was a pharmacist and played hot jazz on the trumpet. He was a real fighter, having suffered during many years from severe chronic obstructive lung disease complicating his life-time allergic asthma. About a dozen years ago, his condition had worsened to the point of requiring oxygen 24 hours/day and he became a candidate for a lung transplantation. This was carried out 11 years ago and changed his life to the point of being free of the need to carry an oxygen tank wherever he went and being able to return to the golf course. This transplant gave him enough additional time to also see and enjoy his three grandchildren. He fought every complication of the transplant and the required immunosuppressive treatment. But the past year was fraught with an inexorable downhill course, recently requiring intubation and assisted ventilation. Just this past week, he again rallied, and succeeded in breathing on his own without the ventilator. He then passed on peacefully yesterday morning. Anita, his wife and partner in life, loved him dearly and was always there to help and support him even though she works full time, directing the Pharmacy Continuing Education Department of a university in Boston, as well as approaching the final stage of attaining a PhD in Education.

The omelet is A for apples and Anita & C for cheese and Claude with P for pomegranate and the Peace within which may he rest. Of course the omelet has the obligatory hot pepper for Claude’s hot jazz trumpet. I add that the omelet is made with much love for both of these two wonderful people.

Anita has told me that she requests that anyone wishing to make a contribution in Claude’s name, donate to the New England Organ Bank which was instrumental in giving Claude a new lease on life for these last 11 years. You can click on the link to the “about” page of the NEOB, scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on the online donation system.


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