Peppery Pomegranate & Peanut Butter Omelet #12

Are you ready for the PP&PB Omelet?

We’re still in a multi-fruit harvest. Every day the tractors of the farmers here on Moshav Evan Menachem chug home after the picking, and they are loaded with apples, nectarines, and peaches. Our pomegranate tree is hanging heavy with fruit which is bursting from the pressure within. The pomegranate arils are outgrowing the skin of the fruit, causing them to peek out and say, “Pick me. Pick me.” And what then? How to get the hundreds of small, sweet, and juicy parts out and away from the membranous cardboard-like separations? I did some “research” and found many videos for doing this easily and without making a big mess. But the one like the best is one that you’ll even want to dance to the music while you watch it.

So here come the pomegranates………..

…….. joining the hot pepper from the garden

and commercially produced peanut butter…….


 …… produce the omelet of the week.

Incidentally, we do use peanut butter that is composed of peanuts and nothing else. It was hard to find over here and surprisingly enough, once discovered, has consistently adorned the shelves of our supermarket. You may say, “Ugh — dusgusting,” when you read of this combination, but I dare you to try it. It is really delicious. You will only be disappointed after eating it, as was I, because, alas, it is all gone and there is no more of that spicy, sweet, and nutty “sandwich” that I call…

The PP&PB Omelet.


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