Tasting the Galil Mountain Winery Yiron 2006 Vintage

I am instituting a new type of post today and will call it “Tasting ……” with a listing of the specific wine that we drink that day at home in the evening with our supper. I will be filling out the <a title=”link to form” href=”Wine Tasting Notes formand reporting to your what we saw, smelled and tasted. It should be a relatively short post but will give you an idea of what we are drinking and hope that it will give you a feeling of tasting along with us. You can read more about the form on a previous post.

The first of this series, was purchased about two years ago and has been resting in our wine cellar.

The Yiron is a particular favorite of mine as I take a liking to the Bordeaux style blends, especially those favoring Cabernet Sauvignon. It is composed of 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot and 5% Syrah. According to the Galil Mountain Winery wine tasting notes, the harvest was after a warm winter and a rainy spring with low temperatures resulted in average precipitation and late bud-burst and blooming. The spring and early summer were characterized by pleasant weather with below-average temperatures, which contributed to a lengthy ripening of the fruit and a later-than-usual beginning of harvest. The harvest itself was characterized by typical weather conditions, but in mid-October brief showers delayed the ripening of the fruit, which caused the harvest to continue until early November. The long harvest allowed bringing   in each vineyard block at its optimal time, and contributed to the creation of high-quality fruit.”

Our tasting occurred an hour after opening the bottle and revealed a rich deep purple color full bodied wine with an aroma of lilac and a taste of licorice and cherries. It had a high tannin content but was not at all astringent. I suspect another year or two in the cellar would allow it to mellow and increase in its complexity. It had a long lasting finish and we gave it an A in our israelwinetaster Grading System shown below:

I think that this may be hard for subsequent vintages to top, but we shall see. Looking forward to tasting them in the future.


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