Return to the Cure for the Dow Doldroms – Omelet of the Week #10

The Dow isn’t the only thing that is falling. Our fig tree and pear trees are impatient and won’t wait for us to pick the fruit. They, too, like Wall Street dropping the Dow are dropping the figs and pears. Today, after having announced to Nurit last night of figs figuring in the omelet of the week, went to pick a couple of very small hot red peppers from the plant under the pear tree, was presented with three pears lying on the grass. I took the hint and picked them up, pared off the parts not fit for human consumption, and cut up the rest into small chunks for the omelet. Having had fruit mixed with cheese the past few weeks, I felt it was time for something else to blend into the complexity of flavors. Peanut butter popped into my mind so I popped it out of the refrigerator after having heated the oil and beat the usual egg mixture of one yolk with four whites. After allowing the egg to set enough to receive the pieces of pear, the peanut butter was placed in blobs on top of them. Then the egg was deftly folded over and then flipped again for a final browning of the other side. Volila — a beauty to behold and a gastronomic glory to ingest.

Once again, all was right with the world. I was in heaven, or at least in the Garden of Eden. Nothing else mattered.

Hope your days start as joyful as this did. Bon Apetit from


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