Blog Philosophy – A Self Assessment

What does it mean to blog? What is the importance of this process? Where does it fit in with journalism, creative writing, criticism, education, publicity and responsible authorship in the business world?  And how does one’s personal attitudes, and feelings blend in with this process? What are the blogger’s responsibilities to the public-at-large and to his/her own integrity? These and other questions are what are influencing me right now and making it a bit hard for me to get on with the task that I have set for myself when I started creating israelwinetaster. These are the reasons for my present “wirter’s block” preventing me from telling you of the many things that have been going in the israelwinetaster world and why I am now ready, again, to write about my second consecutive “omelet of the week before having even written a single word about wine.

In my specific instance, I also ask what am I? Am I a wine critic? Am I a wine writer/journalist, merely reporting on what others say? Am I wine educator, helping people advance in their knowledge of this gastronomic art form? Am I a publicist, spreading the word about the wines of Israel? Therefore, what are my goals, restrictions, and
responsibilities towards the wineries and their employees and towards those who read my writings?

Am I, as I have been accused of in recent times,being pretentious. What right do I have to see myself as anything more than an inexperienced wine taster, uneducated in wine production and marketing? Am I not only a small cog in the interconnected gears aimed at bringing this truly work of art to others like myself? All this has, I think, been precipitated by a duality of intersecting occurrences.

The first recent event was the visiting of a winery that I have yet to complete witing about, other than the draft which I last tried to compose more than two weeks ago. This is the story of a visit to a winery about which I have mixed emotions. It has been awarded ***** (five stars) by a prominent wine authority in Israel and heralded as a rising star of wineries in Israel. However my experience has been different in that I would give them *** (three stars) for an overpriced mediocre product. What do I write? Do I purposefully not criticize the wines and wineries about which I do not think highly? Or, as one experienced blogger of kosher wines says, do I “only write about and review wines I enjoy. If I taste a wine I don’t like, I simply don’t write about it.” Do I not need to be true to my own self and say the truth, as I see it, in my blog?

The second recent event was the attaining a cardinal level of visits here to the blog. Yesterday we passed 1,000 “hits” and though this is not near the number of visits to many other similar blogs, it denotes a bit of a threshold for me. Hey, it’s four figures and indicates that some significant number of people dropped in for a visit. On the other hand, it doesn’t really say anything about how much they read or how much they liked or agreed with what they read. Nevertheless, reaching this level of visits makes one think about what one is doing and how to proceed.

All that being said and thrashed out, I will proceed and try to be honest in sharing my experiences in the world of the wines of Israel. And I thank you for your readership and hope you will return for more visits in the future. Now to get back to the job at hand, that of writing more posts. And I do have a bunch of subjects about which I think you will be interested to read.


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