My Most Unusual Omelet – The A&C Omelet – #9

I had it all planned beforehand. There’s lots of figs on our tree, and when I came back from visiting our chicken coop with Hagrid this morning, the menu read figs and cheese omelet. This was like last weeks omelet (see link above) with an additional new ingredient. But the pear tree beckoned to me with its fruit hanging heavy and just asking to be harvested.

O.K. Plan B goes into action. So I picked a few of the best looking, ripest pears, but they were too hard and neither ready for eating nor ready for cooking. Plan B would not work. So back to plan A. And then, when I entered the house, there they were staring me in the face, saying, “We’re nice and soft and ready to be eaten. You don’t want the same old figs and cheese omelet as #8. YOU WANT US IN YOUR OMELET OF THE WEEK!”

Plan C then went into action. So what the heck is an A & C omelet?  A & C doesn’t stand for Air Conditioning. It doesn’t mean Alternating Current. It also does not refer to Plans A & C. IT MEANS AVOCADO & CHEESE OMELET.

We don’t grow avocados here as the altitude gives us cold winter temperatures which are not compatible with this fruit that tastes like a vegetable. They came from the orchard of Naftali Admoni adjacent to his home in Moshav Amkah near the Mediterranean Sea with its warm winters. I’ve been helping him work in the orchard and last week we were doing the pruning. He has three different varieties, including the early ripening Galil which was developed in Israel in 1998. This variety of avocado was picked last week and is what we have at home on the dining room table ready to eat. They are the ones who announced to me that they were ready to become an intergral part of the A & C Omelet. Before preparation, I searched the internet and found an interesting recipe for Kalyn’s Feta Cheese and Avocado Mini-Frittata. After all, the frittata is the first cousin of the omelet so I incorporated Kalyn’s idea to include scallions into the recipe which included the following ingredients:

Hot pepper, chopped. This is optional. I strongly advise it 🙂

Black pepper, freshly ground, for dusting the finished omelet.

Scallion, thinly sliced. This is entirely optional and might even be better without it.

Eggs, Avocado and Cheese. These are all essential ingredients.

Other than frying most of the scallions with the chopped up hot pepper first, the preparation is the same for all the previous omelets.

The cheese this week was from the goat dairy, Teva Oz, and is called Saint Mor. I did a bit of internet research  but could only find links to Saint Mor on the menus of various Israeli restaurants plus one mentioning its winning a gold medal for “fresh curd matured” cheese at the Melbourne Australia Specialist Cheese Show Awards in August 2009. It is a soft, spreadable, salty and strongly flavored cheese.

The result of this marriage of soft and crumbly, highly flavorful cheese with the smooth texture and subtle taste of the avocado accented by a tang of hot pepper and green onion was a very light, fluffy and flavorful omelet that almost dissolved in my mouth. The avocado seemed to wrap itself around the cheese and was caressed by the egg. The green onion set itself aside from the other ingredients and a few turns of the pepper grinder just before eating added a hint of additional flavor which blended in with the others.

So as they say in fritatta-land, “Buono Appetito.”


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