Tongue in Cheek Tasting Form

I hope this gives you a chuckle! Four days ago I wrote a serious post about a Wine Tasting Note Form that I produced with a <a href=”link to it so that someone who wanted to view it and perhaps even use it could do a download. Since then there has been a discussion about it on an established wine forum with some very good suggestions from two of the contributors. I now have to find the time to incorporate this input.

But as far as the “Tongue in Cheek Tasting,” first a word about methodology. Place your tongue at an angel to one side or the other against the inside of the cheek in order to optimize the sensation arising from the wine. This is the way we can increase the signals coming from the senses originating from the tongue. Aroma can be sensitized by twisting the nose towards the direction opposite to the direction of the tongue. Now concentrate on what you are feeling from the wine. The new “improved” Tongue in Cheek Tasting Form is quite simple and includes the following:

1. Smell – strong or weak.

2. Taste – good or bad.

3. Grading system – Great, O.K., lousy, or rotten.

In case anyone wants to criticize this form, you should know that there has already been criticism of the form of the previous post and the way I “advertised” it on the forum. I was accused of being idiosyncratic and pretentious. I am not quite sure of what the meaning of these words is, but I suspect that they thought both of us were idiots working in synchrony pretending to be wise. I think I had better stop writing now before I put my foot in my mouth alongside my tongue-in-cheek.


One thought on “Tongue in Cheek Tasting Form

  1. Kovnat,
    Great writing. I laughed out loud at your closing lines.

    Of course you meam angle not angel but them maybe you have angels in your mouth but I won’y go any further in that direction as this is a wine tasting blog and not a free association forum.


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