Figs and Cheese Omelet of the Week(#8) – or – Cure for the Dow Doldrums

In the words of Chicken Little, “The sky is falling in. The sky is falling in.” In the words of, “The Dow is crashing down. The DAX is dipping down. The Hang Seng is tumbling down.” What are we to do? There’s terrorist attacks to the south of us in the Negev. He’s killing his own people to the north of us. I keep thinking about the two bicyclists cut down last week by a youngster who fell asleep at the wheel down in the center of the country. At times like these, when calamity is upon us, what is one to do? How can one maintain one’s sanity. How can one get in touch with the good things in life? So I woke up and, as usual, fed the cats and dog and went for a walk with him. All was quiet and I didn’t see a single person. It was nice outside before the heat of the day bore down upon us. I visited all the gals in the chicken coop and gathered my usual half dozen eggs for our omelets. Upon return home, I picked some more very ripe, soft, cracking-open figs, one beautiful small red hot pepper and opened the refrigerator to find the cheeses I had purchased two days ago at the Teva Oz goat dairy (their web site is in Hebrew only and even if you can’t read it, you can get a sense of the place from the pictures) in Moshav Ben Ami down near Naharia. I also poured the cold brewed coffee from its overnight sleeping place through a filter and readied all my ingredients and the few simple tools necessary for making the omelet of the week.

As far as the ingredients, here they are pictorially represented.

And to help you prepare, here’s a photo of the utensils I used.

With a precision of the artist creating a visual delight on canvas and the smoothness of a well oiled engine purring while producing the energy to power a vehicle, I proceeded smoothly through the usual steps which culminated in a work of art. Like wine whose color so pleasingly titilates the eyes the omelet’s outer surface declared itself a bright yellow mixed with clouds of dark brown teasing the beholder. The aromas from the omelet,
like a fine wine emitting  multiple volatile compounds, filled the house with the odors of cooking olive oil, eggs, fruit and cheeses. And in the mouth, also like wine, a softness caressed my palate with the complexity of the multiple ingredients including finely balanced spicy Jalapeno, sugary figs, and an odiforous mixture of melting Brie and soft spreading Feta with garlic. Ahhhhhh, all’s right with the world was the overwhelming emotional experience.

And complementing this was the sip of the cold brewed Irish Cream flavored coffee. Then the movie started and I lost myself in An Englishman in New York. I heartily recommend that this is THE way to start the day. Does it get better than this. I think not.

Here’s wishing you financial success, peace, and  freedom from all the cares of the world. May you be well and continue to enjoy tasting wonderful wines and experiences such as was mine this morning.

Postscript: Not that this was written on the 19th of August and only published on the 23rd of August. Sorry for the delay 🙂


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