FTC Omelet of the Week – #7

No, it’s not the Federal Trade Commission. FIGS-TAHINI-CHEESE — these are a few of my favorite things (sung to the tune of the song from the musical, The Sound of Music). The garden is bulging with fruit this time of year and it was hard to decide what to put into our Omelet of the Week. Pomegranates are ripening and pears are being picked and put into the refrigerator for later eating. The grapes were the star of the omelet last week and just yesterday we said the blessing over the first figs of the year. They were enjoyed as a fresh desert with a taste of the Rose Semi-sweet Rimon Pomegranate Wine. But today figs were the center of attraction in our Figs and Cheese Omelet, spiced up with a hot pepper, balanced by a salty cheese and highlighted by a sprinkling of sesame tahina. Actually, I had intended to sprinkle the tahina on the figs and cheese before closing the egg over the contents. But I forgot so it got sprinkled on the omelet after closing and just before serving. Actually, I think that it worked out better this way, serving as an outer taste enhancer rather than an integral part of the inner omelet. This combination was wonderful on the palate and a delight to savor.


hot pepper, chopped

olive oil

eggs, my choice is 3 egg whites + 1 whole egg

fresh figs, sliced

cheese or cheeses of your choice

a hearty appetite


The instructions are the same for all the other emelets in tis series. Below is the sequence of omelet preparation as photographed for the Carrot & Onion Omelet – 4 and finally downloaded from my old camera to my sick iPhoto. I’ve revived the system enough to get some pictures for the blog. This gives you a better idea of the cooking process.


Pour the whipped eggs into the hot oiled frying pan.


Place the initial contents on one side of the eggs after they set.


Place added contents (tahina, cheese, etc.).


Fold the other side of the egg over the contents.


Flip over to the other side to finish the cooking.


Garnish with an example of what's inside and voila, enjoy the visual and taste experience.


2 thoughts on “FTC Omelet of the Week – #7

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