Wineries of Israel Map

How can I find a winery in Israel? There is now a way. How can I find wineries in my area or an area I want to visit? There is now a way?

I have discovered a diamond in the rough at yossiswine, a blog on wordpress about wines and wineries of Israel. This one person has produced an online map that allows one to find all the wineries in Israel. It is the result of a personal effort and deserves all the accolades, kudos, kavods, recognition, honors, acclamations, approbations, and a hand-clipping, cheering ovation. It must have taken many hours of labor. It is a work in progress and everyone is invited to help him build it and improve it.

In his blog at yosis wine page announcing the publication of the map, he states the following:
The idea behind the map is to make it easy to find which wineries are nearby whenever we wine enthusiasts are gallivanting around the country, and to provide contact information at the same time. Each winery has a place marker on the map showing its location. Just click on a place marker, either on the map or on the list at the left, to see contact information. Clicking on the Directions link in a winery’s information box will bring up GPS coordinates on the left and you can even get directions courtesy of Google Maps. Markers with a dot in them are pretty accurate, but those without a dot are approximate, and sometimes just randomly placed around the correct town, since I couldn’t find exact addresses or coordinates. Kosher wineries have light blue markers. The yellow markers are for wineries for which I still need to find email addresses and/or phone numbers. Google Maps limits the number of places that can be on one map page to about 200. Since there are some 225 wineries (so far) on the map it runs over to two pages. There’s a link to the second page at the bottom of the list on the panel at the left of the map. The second page has wineries that are more or less in the southern part of the country, though there is some overlap.

This map deserves to be bookmarked and used by anyone interested in the wines of Israel.


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