Grapes & Peanut Butter Omelet – #6

It’s sweet, nutty, spicy and juicy. It smacks, once again, of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but with lively flavors that no kid’s lunch box could ever dream of. Nurit says, “Mmmmmmmmmmm good.”


1. Freshly picked grapes from our vine growing alongside  the house and covering our upstairs porch. Cut them into halves to allow the juice free exit first during cooking and then during eating.

2. Good quality peanut butter not containing fructose, sugar and other unnecessary additives.

3. Freshly picked hot pepper, finely chopped. Don’t rub your eyes after doing this!

4. Good quality olive oil. Lots of it. I started using the one you see in the picture from Eretz Gashur. It is mighty fine. I don’t know if they export but I’ll find out and get back to you.

5. FRESH eggs. Mine are collected an hour or so before cooking. I select nice big and WARM ones that still have the chicken’s body heat.

PREPARATION — same as previous omelet posts. Refer them by clicking on the “Omelet” category.

B’Tayavon. Enjoy one heck of an omelet.


One thought on “Grapes & Peanut Butter Omelet – #6

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