Fresh Lavender & Goat Cheese Omelet of the Week – #5

I was thinking about what is fresh and abundant as the potential content of the Omelet of the Week, I realized that at our little homestead we are between harvests. The grapes on their vine, pears, pomegranates,and figs on their trees and basil on its bush are in their form fruste stages and not yet ready for picking and a trial in a cutting edge omelet. Rosemary is always available but I like to reserve it for the winter season. Zaatar is also a cold and rainy-day pick. What’s left?

I have heard of using lavender as an herb in food but never really got into it until yesterday when I added it to our rice, split pea, and butternut squash meal-in-a-pot. I received permission from Nurit to “put in a little bit.” The lavender flavor was more or less lost, overwhelmed by the onions, garlic, salt and pepper in the pot, but it certainly did not detract from overall taste. So the die was cast and chopped freshly picked lavender leaves from the garden was destined to be the star of this week’s performance. And co-starring…….we also had some “Lord” cheese purchased at the nearby Adir Winery & Dairy. Natch, I started with our favorite olive oil followed by my hot pepper picked from the garden. Then came the usual 4 egg whites and 1 egg yolk whipped to a feathery fluff. Put on the lavender followed by small chunck of cheese and fold it over. Let me tell you, it explodes in the mouth with flowery flavors. I love it. Let’s see what Nurit says when I make one for her later.

Incidentally I did a search for “lavender and cheese omelet” using my usual Google Find-it-on-the-web Search Engine and came up with nothing! Zip! Nada! Gournischt! Efes! Well, I must admit that it did come up with a meneu from the Hampton Creek Inn on which they listed a Lemon Lavender Souffle. And there were recipes which called for lavender honey or lavender jam, but none for my newly invented Lavender Leaves & Lord Goat Cheese Omelet, patent pending!

Wishing you Bon Apetit and L’Chaim from the

Postmortem to the Post — Nurit loved it! She gave it an in-your-facebook two thumbs up “Like.”


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