Wine Tasting at Dalton Winery – Shiraz Reserve 2008 Scores High

Today I went to Dalton Winery with Eli and Leah from Naharia. We were hosted by Moshe and Efrat and enjoyed their hospitality, friendliness, smiles and warmth.

To give you an abbreviated rundown of what we tasted and what our impressions were, I’ll do this in the form of a shopping list of wines.

Sauvignon Blanc – Not bottled immediately but allowed to age in tank for a few months on its lees, giving it a light and fruity flavor.

Fume Blanc – same grape variety which spends 4 months in French oak casks before bottling. Has a dry tartness which would serve it well with fish.

Viognier Reserve Wild Yeasted 2009 – Wild yeast fermented, which means that they leave the juice alone without adding yeast until it ferments on its own. Partly fermented in steel and partly oaked causing bursts of lively fruitiness combined with gentle flavors of the oak wood. An outstanding wine able to withstand a bit of aging in the proper wine cellar conditions but also ready to give you pleasure now.

Alma 2008 – This was previously talked about in a earlier post. It is a wonderful wine made from 40 some odd percent Cabernet, 60 some odd percent Merlot, and a small percent of Cabernet Franc in it, giving tannins to the sky but also a complexity and intermingling of flavors you would love. The bad news is that it is sold out and, unless you can find a wine store that has some, you will have to purchase the….

Alma 2009 which is made from 60 some odd percent Cabernet and 40 some odd percent Merlot (note these reversed from 2008 vintage) and a small bit of Cabernet Franc. In my opinion this wine is surprisingly smoother and has reached maturity at a relatively early age with less tannins. Ready to be opened now — I reserve the right to change my mind but I suspect that it will age less well than the 2008 vintage.

New additions to the Alma line, a white and a red, are, in my opinion lower in uniqueness and complexity of the first generation Alma. I reserve the right to taste these again and report back to you in more dephth.

Shiraz Reserve 2008 which I have highlighted in a previous post is an outstanding wine and received a gold medallion from all three of us today. It is big and bold, coming on strong but doesn’t overwhelm. A long-lasting finish that says on and on, “Don’t put anything in your mouth but focus on me and the pleasure I give you.”

I think that Leah summed it up in a poem she wrote while we were at the Visitors Center and is to be published on her web site, Until it appears there, her poem,Zeman Dalton, is as follows:

The thing I love about Dalton is……….Hey! Why steal her thunder? Click on the above link to her poetry web log for today’s post to continue reading it!

Have a wonderful day, delightful tasting, and happiness
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