Alma from Dalton, Viognier from Galil Mountain & Katzrin Chardonnay from Golan Heights

Israelwinetaster, where are you? I have been enjoying some very good tastings while trying to compose a major report while continuing to combat major computer problems. The subject is to be Port-style “wine” made from pomegranates. Sound unreal, unimaginable, un-tasty? You wouldn’t believe the depth, quality, and healthfulness of this product of Rimon Winery. In addition, they have new variations of the theme. But, as I said, is the preview of the detailed discussion of their outstanding product. More to come.

Where have I been for these five days? Tasting more of Dalton’s Alma from 2008, which as Nurit says, smells of a cold mountain brook on a hot summer day. I say it has a complexity of tastes reminiscent of stewed prunes with pecans. But the tannins and acidity say, keep me in the bottle for another year and then try me again. So then we moved on to a precious bottle of Golan Heights Katzrin Chardonnay from 2006 which was golden tannish from its sojurn in oak and also tasted of the wood mixed with the fruit in a beautiful balance. And tonight, another Galil Mountain Viognier from 2010 full of fruity fragrance of freshly picked green grapes. A trip through the light fantastic to accompany a dinner of Caribbean soy chunks with coconut on a bed of rice, corn on the cob, and steamed beets. LChaim – Bon Apetit


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