Adir Plato 2005 vs Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

We had a delicious meal that was accompanied by two wonderful wines this past Friday night. This was not really a tasting or comparison of these wines, but a special, albeit weekly, occasion to celebrate the incoming of the Sabbath at the home of Michal and Naftali Admoni and their daughter, Shani, and five guests. As usual the food was plentiful and delicious including multiple salads of unique ingredients invented by the hostess, rice, and succulent lamb ribs. Both wines had been stored in our wine cellar horizontally on specially built shelving in a temperature controlled room and were opened about an hour before tasting.

We opened the Adir Plato (for those of you who missed an earlier post mentioning the pronunciation of this wine, please say it as if you are saying “plateau”) from 2005, and thus six years since the harvest, was gentle and smooth in the mouth. It did not have a high tannin content and no hint of acidity, indicating to me that it had reached maturity and was at its optimal age for drinking. It had a lingering finish, which I call its aftertaste. I could drink this wine at any and every meal.

After the Plato was finished, about midway through the meal, we tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon which had been harvested eight years ago back in 2003. I interject at this point that the Golan Heights Winery produces this varietal under the Gamla label at a lower price, approximately $15) The Gala is aged six months in oak casks. The Yarden label is made from higher quality grapes, is aged 12 monts in oak, and sold for about $30 when released. The vineyard just released the 2008 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon, three years after its harvest. There are other Golan Heights Winery single vineyard, very special, and more expensive wines made from this grape variety. I have a couple in the wine cellar and am saving them for extra special occasions. Once, when we were at the Golan Heights visitor center the day after a tasting for renowned wine journalists, we were given a tasting of these left overs and it was like being on a cloud. Anyhow, back to tera firma and the Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a deep purple color with an essence that jumped out of the glass into my nose, reminding me of cherries and almonds. unfortunately, Nurit was not feeling well and did not attend the dinner. I usually depend on her to give me a more poetic description of the vapors released from the wine. But I, being the taste master of the family, can tell you that this wine, though expensive, is well worth the price and has such a complexity of tastes as to allow ones imagination a flight of fancy on a journey through the Garden of Eden. Perhaps I exaggerate, but I invite you to invest in the 2007 edition if you can find it and report back to me. I promise I will publicize your reactions. Incidentally, these flavors lasted long after the wine was swallowed. My senses were titilated for as long as I could wait before continuing to work on the food on my plate.

A good time was had by all and we agreed that the gold medal for the evening went to the Yarden and the Plato won silver.


2 thoughts on “Adir Plato 2005 vs Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

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