Omelet of the Week – #2

I apologize for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere. I was besieged by
computer problems leaving me without the ability to upload photographs. At the same time, while in the middle of writing a new post, it disappeared. I thought I had saved it as a draft, but the only thing in the draft file was the title. So for now, I’ll tell you about today’s absolutely fantastic omelet:-)

I must admit that I make TWO omelets of the week. Here’s the recipe. Same ingredients for each but the first one has a small hot pepper cut up into the hot olive oil before the egg goes in. I just love my omelets spicy hot! Then the whipped-up eggs as I described in the first “O of the Week” post. The comes the ingredients into the pocket. Are you ready? I hope you’re sitting down. Let me interrupt by saying that last night (another post to come) at dinner at the Admoni family, I was given a large number of tiny dark purple ripe very sweet plums. As it is summertime and we buy fruits that are in season, the refrigerator is already full of grapes, melon, apricots, and early season Anna apples, The tiny dark purple ripe and very sweet plums (I promise to find out the source and variety) became the centerpiece of the contents of the “O.W.” Cut them up and spread them around half of the egg after it has set in the frying pan. OK, so what does with plums? Sure — you guessed it! Peanut butter, which is dribbled over the layer of plums. Wait a second. Don’t jump to conclusions, saying, “Ughhhhh.” Just think of your childhood when you went off to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your lunch box. This gives you the chance to relive your childhood memories, all the while acting like an adult, eating your gourmet brunch. You might even have some Champagne with it! I almost forgot the second omelet. No big deal–same as the first but with no hot pepper. Bon Apetit.

I hope actually publishing this post and seeing it on the web site gets me over the computer doldrums and back on the track talking about israelwinetasing.


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