My digression of a couple of posts ago when I reported on my trip to Tel Aviv to attend a wedding including a stay at the fantastic Crowne Plaza City Center hotel opened the door for another facet of this wine tasting report.  O.K. — O.K.  This is a dilution of the subject of wine. So if you disagree with this and don’t want to be subjected to things not those of Bacchus, let me know by clicking on the icon above right which is usually reserved for comic strip characters to do their speaking (I call it the “cloud”) or on the “reply” at the bottom of the post. Let me know what you think.  Until there is a popular uprising objecting to such silliness, I will relate to you once each week a short description of what has become a tradition at our house, The Omelet of the Week.  So here it is, introduced with a photograph.

This one is made with two whole eggs vigorously beaten with a wire whisk to introduce air and thus make it light and fluffy.  One half of the circle of the eggs which are frying in olive oil is piled with roughly chopped fresh coriander, here called cusbara.  Then small chunks of whatever cheese you happen to like and have around are spread over the coriander.  After waiting an undetermined amount of time until the cheese just barely starts to melt, turn the other half of the circle over on to the half with what then becomes the contents of the omelet.  Wait a few seconds, flip it on the other side to make sure it has the above look — cooked buy not killed — solid but still fluffy, and then slide it off the frying pan and on to the plate.  Garnish with a sprig of whatever is inside to whet the appetite.  Enjoy the intermingling of the flavors.  Bon Apetit.


2 thoughts on “FLASH — OMELET OF THE WEEK

  1. Reminds me of the delicious omelets we had for breakfast in Hannaton’s pardes during the last decade of… the 20th century

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