Great Day at the Winery – Galil Mountain

What a wonderful happening yesterday at the Galil Mountain Winery! About 50 people gathered, first to enjoy a tasting of white wines outside overlooking the grapevines.

Then we were treated to a short tour through the winery, starting in the visitor’s center where Micha Vaadia guided us, explaining their production and storage and answered questions from the group along the way

Here are a few of the stainless steel tanks where the initial fermentations take place, and………..

……………, one side of the special temperature and humidity controlled room where the wine rests in oak casks. In another week a new much larger partially underground cask room will be opened.

We then convened outside under the huge oak tree…….

……..for the scrumptious meal of six or so salads and bread followed by grilled chicken, kebabs, and steak from the best butcher up on the Golan Heights and desert of fresh sweet watermelon and cantaloupe. Old acquaintances were renewed and new friends made amongst much heated discussion and singing. There was enthusiastic eating, and, of course, the wine flowed, featured by a recently awarded prize winning 2007 Meron.  The Galil Mountain Winery, founded in 2000 now produces 1,200,000 bottles of wine from a harvest of 1,160 tons of grapes.  Their “flagship offerings” are blends, two red named Yiron and Meron and a white named Avivim.  Galil Mountain Winery sells some 10 other wines. Twenty-five percent of their total production is exported to US, Canada, UK, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Germany, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan.

A good time was had by all and I, for one, am looking forward to another happening at the winery.  Thank you to all the staff of the winery for putting on such a successful event.


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