Introduction to israelwinetaster

Israel Wine Blog

By Daniel Kovnat

So you want to know about what wines are produced in Israel?  If you live here in The Holy Land or if you are in some other place such as Europe, Asia or the Americas, you can drink Israeli wine that is made from a wide selection of grape varieties as well as a number of blends such as come from the chateaus of Bordeaux.  I live in the north of Israel in an area known as the Galil Maaravi or Western Galilee about 30 km east of Naharia.  Here at this small moshav there is a small boutique winery in existence for only the past three years.  An easy 30 minute drive further east brings one to a host of larger and more established wineries including The Galilee Mountain Winery, Dalton, Adir and even one where the products are all derived from pomegranates.  If one continues further eastward another approximately 40 minutes, one arrives at what I consider to be the leader of Israeli wine production, the Golan Heights Winery.  I don’t know how many wineries there are now in Israel, but the number has grown by leaps and bounds in the past five years.  We are blessed with people who have dedicated themselves to providing a never-ending variety of wines to be tasted and appreciated.  As I make more of my frequent trips around this area, I hope to be able to introduce you to many of these smaller producers and give you some insights into what they are creating and what they hope to be able to bring to you in the future.

More on each of these growers and vintners later, but for now may I address what I seek to accomplish in this blog.  Firstly, I hope to help the novice understand what wine is and how to appreciate it.  I also want to help those who already appreciate and drink wine to understand what it is about wine that sets it aside from other drinks and other alcoholic beverages.  And for those who want a wider appreciation of wine, I hope to introduce you to some principles of how wines vary in their tastes and what it is that makes one wine “better” than another.  I am open to your feedback as to what subjects to discuss, be it wines in general or Israeli wines in particular.  I appreciate that you may very well disagree with some of the things that I state but we must realize that a subject as complex and subjective as wine will be, by its nature, seen one way by some and differently by others.  There may not be a right and wrong, so bear with me as I express my views and opinions.


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